My Mission

My Mission at Stop. Start. Do. is to help top performing entrepreneurs master new habits in 6 days, with the end goal of helping you create a life of your own design. 

I realized that consistent action and new habits require the same 4 elements in order to make them stick:

  1. An Upgraded Self Image.
  2. Improved Neuro Association (Replace old programming with new).
  3. Instant Feedback Analysis (show's you what's working and what's not).
  4. Flow to create states of peak performance (further anchoring the new habit).


Why Focus On Habits?

Access to information is no-longer an issue (you can Google the answer to any question). What is remains an issue for most entrepreneurs is changing old behaviors and replacing them with new empowering habits.

Focusing on changing habits is the first step on the entrepreneurial path to greatness. 


Stop Relying On Willpower

Most new habit formation taxes your willpower, leaving you feeling exhausted and emotionally drained.

I wanted to improve consistency and make new habit formation as easy as brushing your teeth. What's more important is these changes can be learned and implemented with a fraction of the effort that's normally required when starting new habits. 


Go Straight To the Top and Learn From The Best

Learn from the people who have shaped the modern world.

Learn from the people who have shaped the modern world.

We do things differently at Stop. Start. Do. , instead of trying to learn from everyone we go straight to the top and find the best. 

Looking at top performers in investing, politics, athletics, science, philosophy, writing and spirituality we decode the science of what makes them great. 

We Breakdown All-Time greats such as:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Albert Einstein
  • Seneca
  • Charlie Munger
  • Tony Robbins
  • Warren Buffet
  • Michael Jordan
  • Steve Jobs
  • Peter Thiel
  • Richard Branson
  • Jim Rohn
  • Maxwell Maltz
  • Nassim Taleb
  • Gary Keller
  • David Deida
  • Steven Hawking
  • Bill Gates
  • Peter F. Drucker
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Stephen Covey
  • Seth Godin
  • Sun Tzu
  • Malcolm Gladwell
  • Steven Pressfield

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What Others are Saying

Dude! You are like the illegitimate love child of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Nye
— -Alex G.

Testimonials and praise

  • "Ben you are extremely intelligent with a willingness to learn and explore. You are also great at relating to people and have the ability to have conversation with almost anyone. Lastly, you are a problem solver. You are able to take a look at a problem, dissect the problem and then come to a conclusion as to how the problem is to be fixed. The best part is, you are extremely humble about the things you are able to do which makes you approachable and a great coach."
  • "You have the ability to find common ground with almost everyone you meet, which in my mind not only makes you a great friend but also helps you be a natural leader in group-work situations. You do all of this without losing your individuality and are able to state your beliefs/feelings..people too often conform to others, you do not."
  • "You’re very detail oriented and well thought out, you’re a great leader and well respected, and you follow through on commitments. You also have a great sense of humor and make people laugh."