Where did it all begin?

Lenin Wall StopStartDo Ben Austin


My story is no different from most people. I wasn't born into extraordinary circumstances and had to work like everyone else. When I was in college, I met a girl who would forever change my life. Her name was Michelle and I fell hard. I didn't know it at the time but Michelle was suffering from a condition POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). A very rare and unknown autonomic nervous system disorder. We went to the best doctors in the world and they looked at us with wide and fearful eyes.

They had no idea how to help her.

Everything they prescribed failed. To make matters worse, I was failing in my life.  It was 2009, there were no jobs, no careers and no places to start for an eager physics/engineering major trying to make it in corporate America.

I thought the hard work was over after graduation. I was so wrong.

Things got so bad in my life, that I said “Fuck It” and took responsibility for everything good and bad in my life.

I had two goals:

  1. Cure Michelle's illness

  2. Fix my life

No one else was going to work harder than me - I knew that. So I set out to accomplish both and I did.

Consistent Action

In the end it was consistent action that allowed me to have success. I took the best from the books I read and combined their ideas to come up with brand new ways of approaching habit formation. 

Before I knew it I was executing hard habits with ease (like brushing my teeth).

Connecting the Dots

Friends, family, coworkers and strangers would consistently approach me and ask for help. What started as wanting help with weight loss or health issues always uncovered deeper issues with their life purpose, direction and “feeling stuck”.

I soon noticed that changing their diet and exercise routine rarely had long term lasting effects (they rarely stuck with it past 2 weeks) and they soon fell back into bad habits.

Going back to the drawing board, I asked the question: “How do you get someone break lifelong bad habits and create new empowering ones?”

After years of reading, researching and learning I started connecting the dots and creating the framework for Stop. Start. Do. 

Giving Back

I feel a duty to give back and share the ideas I've learned, but I realize that Stop. Start. Do. is not for everyone.

Stop. Start. Do was created for those prepared to put in the work, eager to face challenges and those who want to unleash their inner greatness. If you think this is you, sign up in the box below.