Giving Thanks

Many people were involved in the planning, development and execution of Stop. Start. Do. They gave me critical feedback and pushed me to be better every step of the way. Whenever I faltered or procrastinated they called me out on my BS and got me focused. 

Thank you for believing in me!


My Team

CO-FOUNDER of Idea Lemon: Martin McGovern 

A marketer, storyteller and designer - focused on building rut-free lives in the pursuit of awesome. He loves connecting people and drinking coffee.



CO-FOUNDER of Idea Lemon: Rajiv Nathan 

Background in digital and mobile strategy. He is passionately curious, a people-meeter, lives by the motto, "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take", and HATES coffee.



FOUNDER of People Who Matter: Harley Eblen

Harley Eblen Stop Start Do.jpg

Likes to write, talk, think, and make things that help people be the happiest, and healthiest version of themselves. It’s good fun. Harley is the Founder and host of the popular podcast People Who Matter.




founder of Willpowered: Colin Robertson

Colin Robertson StopStartDo Willpowered

Colin Robertson is a writer and researcher focusing on how we can build willpower, mental strength and make decisions that are consistent with our long-term goals and dreams. 

He runs the website where he shares simple and effective strategies you can use to strengthen your willpower based on scientifically proven research studies.


founder of kickstart a cause: Jason townsend

Jason Townsend Kickstart A Cause

Jason is an adventurous Aussie and the founder of Kickstart a Cause, helping mid 20’s corporate workers escape their unfulfilling 9-5 jobs to live and work on their own terms. He sees himself as a ‘Cause Crusader’ and gives away a Passport to Freedom to all those courageous enough to travel a road of passion and purpose. When he’s not inspiring greatness in others, he can be found travelling the world exploring the beauty of nature.