Keynote Speaking


The art of Stress Free Productivity

Getting everything done can be difficult enough, but when you throw the daily responsibilities facing modern adults in the mix, it can be downright scary. High-Performance coach Ben Austin will teach you practical tools and advanced strategies for getting everything done and accomplishing more - while still maintaining your sanity. 

This course will be much more than a set of tips for time management; it will include a step-by-step blueprint for creating states of peak mental performance, determining your top priorities, reducing stress levels and experiencing deeper levels of joy.


habit mastery WOrkshop

Everyone knows what they should be doing. That's easy. Doing it is the hard part. High-Performance coach Ben Austin will teach you the step-by-step blueprint for making good habits stick and eliminating unwanted ones.  


flow state Hacking Workshop

Have you ever felt a euphoric sense of laser like focus when working on a project, wrapped in conversation, or in an athletic competition? If so, you have experienced the state of optimal human consciousness known as Flow. 

Flow has been the target of high performing athletes, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists and writers. It's been the driving force behind many of the breakthroughs in athletics, entrepreneurship, art and science over the last 25 years. In this workshop high performance coach Ben Austin walks you through how to achieve more flow in your life.